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The person(ality) behind donnyitk

DonnyMany people know me as the highly-driven, goal-oriented, go-getter, do-it-all, CPA specializing in IT. At 35.75 (I’m not quite 36 yet, and yes I’m holding out as long as I can), I’ve been speaking at national level conferences for 4 years now on business intelligence, IT management, IT audit, and the CPA’s role on IT initiatives. I’ve been published nationally: authored two white papers on business intelligence, contributed to a white paper on IT considerations for Risk-based Auditing, and have written numerous articles on a variety of professional topics. Internationally, I’ve spoken on two webinars on business intelligence, and contributed to a white paper on business intelligence slated to be released internationally in January 2012. And lastly, I’ve served at the national governance level for two professional associations.

On the pseudo-personal side, I’m known as young (well maybe 35.75 isn’t so young anymore) Asian guy from Hawaii who seems to always be bopping around the mainland (continental US), speaking at conferences, attending meetings for the AICPA, and taking pictures of delicious dinners and posting them to Facebook. All of this is a very intentionally crafted brand–not a facade, but a brand that integrates who I am and what I enjoy.

But there’s more to me than just my professional image and reputation. I’ve decided to start this blog to share with you, more about the person and personality behind my professional persona: Donny C. Shimamoto, CPA/CITP, or as those in social media circles know me: donnyitk. I don’t promise you anything earth-shattering. In fact, I really hope to show many of you that I’m really just a normal guy trying to wind my way through this so called adventure called life–just as all of you are too.

So sit back, relax, read, and (hopefully) enjoy…learning more about the person(ality) behind donnyitk. Ciao.

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