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Is the Cloud the end of IT Support?

I’ve been writing a lot about the CPA part of my life, so let me finally switch and write more about my other passion: Information Technology (IT). While attending the NTEN Nonprofit Cloud Computing Summit (#npcloud) in NYC, the morning plenary speaker Ami Dar (@amidar) posed the idea that they no longer need traditional IT Support because they now did everything via the cloud and basically all their staff needed was a Web browser and they could start working.

He also cited the fact that the incoming workforce is a lot more technology-savvy and especially so with Internet-based applications. So they need less tech support and are more apt to be able to successfully find their way through a new web-based application.

So as the workforce turns over, and more and more apps move to the cloud, will the need for IT Support disappear?

I think the answer is both yes and no. The need for traditional IT Support–focused on managing the desktop platform (operating system, antivirus, etc) and applications–will probably disappear. What this will shift to, is the need for application support focused IT Support–for times when a user needs to do more than the basic, inherent functionality that can be intuitively picked up from the face of a web-based application.

So in parallel to technology replacing the need for traditional bookkeepers (you knew I couldn’t stay away from the CPA world for too long), cloud technologies are slowly replacing the need for traditional IT support. Just as CPAs are now dealing with then more complex business problems, IT professionals must start getting ready to deal with more complex IT problems.

Rather than focusing on keeping the desktop working, IT Support will need to shift to be a more value-added function helping users to better apply their technology to solve business problems.


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