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Life as a CPA (15): Reflections

I hope you enjoyed Ty’s story as much as I did. It was interesting to read a story that is essentially about me, and to see the same events through another person’s eyes. I laughed, I reminisced, and I asked: “Wait, is that really what happened?”, and then went “Oh yeah, I guess it did … Continue reading

Life as a CPA (14): Now what? Is CPA a Career Option?

– Ty’s Summer Internship – Day 22 – I remember that one of my accounting professors said “Becoming a CPA means joining a club”. I think what he meant to say was that by becoming CPA it will professionally separate you from others. Same thing with Lawyers and Medical Doctors, the CPA license will give you … Continue reading

Life as a CPA (13): Office Tools Pro Conference – The Future of CPA

– Ty’s Summer Internship – Day 21 – The last event of our great business trip is that Donny is giving the closing keynote for Office Tools Pro Conference in Las Vegas. Check this summary video for his keynote presentation “New Horizons for the Accountant”. A trusted attester AND trusted advisor – new role of CPAs. … Continue reading

Life as a CPA (12): Office Tools Pro Conference – Technology Eco System?

– Ty’s Summer Internship – Day 20 – We are back in Las Vegas, one of the CPA’s favorite cities (I think). This time Donny is speaking at Office Tools Pro Practice Management & Technology Conference 2013. Office Tools Pro is a company that provides practice management software to support the workflow, project management, billing management … Continue reading

Life as a CPA (11): Finally in Maryland, for IT Audit School

– Ty’s Summer Internship – Day 19 – After 2 days we have to say good-bye to the Government and Not-for-Profit Conference and the beautiful Washington DC, and now we are off to Towson, Maryland! Why Towson? It is because Donny is teaching at the AICPA’s IT Audit School and it’s held in Towson. Why is … Continue reading

Life as a CPA (10): I smell politics! Government & Not-for-Profit Conference 2013

– Ty’s Summer Internship – Day 18 – My last visit to Washington DC was about 10 years ago back in college. I spent one of my spring breaks in D.C. visiting my friend at Howard University. I did all the touristy things like visiting the Reflecting Pool, Lincoln Statue, and Smithsonian Museum, but never realized … Continue reading

Life as a CPA (9): Donny gets interviewed!

– Ty’s Summer Internship – Day 17 – The conference is fun, exciting, and very tiring as well. Your day is filled with seminars, workshops, meetings, and other fun events. It is the last night at the conference, and there is a fun event planned at the one of the lounges at Bellagio. I don’t know … Continue reading

Meanwhile back on the set of “Life as a CPA” …

Hauoli Makahiki Hou!  (“Happy New Year” in Hawaiian) I hope all of you had a safe and fun new year’s celebration.  With all the travel in November and December, I decided to enjoy the holiday season at home and have some time to rest and get reacquainted with my family who didn’t see me for … Continue reading

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