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Life as a CPA

Life as a CPA (9): Donny gets interviewed!

– Ty’s Summer Internship – Day 17 –

The conference is fun, exciting, and very tiring as well. Your day is filled with seminars, workshops, meetings, and other fun events. It is the last night at the conference, and there is a fun event planned at the one of the lounges at Bellagio. I don’t know how I am going to manage myself without burning myself out, but hope I can get through. Donny told me to “be prepared.” I am assuming it’s the night of “CPAs gone wild”.  I’m not sure what to expect…

In between sessions, Donny was requested to stop by the “interview room”. He sometimes gets this kind of interview, and this time it is for the AICPA. I was successfully sneaked in this interview session, and got a “behind the scene” clip… here we go.

It was a relaxing and fun session as you can see. I don’t know if it was intentional and if he does this with anybody, or he (interviewer) did it just because he knew Donny, but I really liked the icebreaker question. That funny laugh was good to start with before the serious questions. I would really appreciate that if I were the one being interviewed.  The interview technique, check.

Also, Donny’s answers for those interviews were very insightful; especially I liked what he said regarding specialization for CPAs. Specialization is a key for any professional. Doctors have their own specialty field as well do lawyers, so I guess CPAs are not an exception, but I wasn’t thinking IT as a “CPA specialty field.” Now it is starting to make sense for me. No accounting operations are done without IT, so auditing, tax, internal control, and risk management all have IT aspects to them. We cannot talk about any of them without IT involvement, so I guess it makes sense for some CPAs to specialize in IT.

After the interview, a few sessions and dinner, I was exhausted and almost felt sick. It was the most difficult decision that I made since I started work for ITK, but I had to take a rain check for the “CPAs gone wild” event (I think there is an official and proper name for the event, but sorry I don’t recall it.) Good night Vegas!

I don’t know how late they stayed up, but I can tell that Donny and his fellow CPAs had A LOT of fun last night by looking at them in the morning and how they are all tired—and yet they still have half a day more of the conference to go. Anyway, my boss, we don’t have time for dealing with your weariness because we also have to pack up and fly to Washington DC! Yes, we are moving on to the AICPA Government and Not-for-Profit Conference in Washington DC next!


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