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Life as a CPA (Season 2)

Fun with BKR in the Dominican Republic | Life as a CPA (Season 2)

I’ve always loved getting to explore new places. I think I inherited the gene from my grandmother who despite her humble upbringing in Wahiawa, Hawaii, spent a lot of time reading about different cultures and history, and traveled to see the world on a very modest budget. I am somewhat similar. I don’t believe in traveling lavishly, and I am very thankful that my life as a CPA gives me the opportunity to travel and see the world while inspiring the transformation of my profession.

It’s been ten years since I started speaking at the national level in the United States, and how appropriate that this ten-year anniversay is the year that I begin speaking (in-person) internationally. Oh, I’ve been giving webinars for international audiences since 2011, but the invite to speak for BKR International‘s Americas Regional Meeting was the first international event that I did in-person.

I didn’t have to speak until Tuesday afternoon, but I flew in on Sunday to have some time to experience the Dominican Republic and also to get to socialize with attendees (i.e. “networking”). This video summarizes this trip:

Rather than bore you with more writing, I think the pictures from my travels tell a more engaging story:

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of Santo Domingo, Casa de Campo, and how much fun the CPAs at BKR International have at their events.

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